It's early morning.

Clock stridently ringing, sun timidly rising, yourself helplessly yawning - it's time to get up.

You have a shower, shave/make up, tuck your shirt in, put your jacket on. And you're ready for breakfast

You put the kettle on, have a pot of potent coffee, and, finally, turn on the radio. Just on time for the news. The Morning News. Your daily window on the world wide world. A full-fat muesli of numbers, facts, reviews. And only seven minutes to swallow and digest. Time to concentrate. 

Sadly, distractions abound around the table. Your kid starts to cry, your toaster threatens to die... This morning, like every morning, you can’t concentrate. 

Yet these distractions are only excuses. You blame it on others, but the fault is yours. If you're forever distracted, it's because... You're reading the back of the cereal pack. Again! Silently, fondly. You're following the adventures of a speaking tiger, admiring a collection of pull-back dragsters. And you're too busy, obviously, to listen to the news. 

Well, that's when Weetabrics pops out of the pack. A sweet blog on emerging market economics, politics and finance. A digest of what's on other people's plate around the world. Nothing too serious, nothing too heavy, it's early morning: just a few bites of thinking outside the box.  

No ambition to be as entertaining as your favourite tiger, mind you. Still - like cereal packs, economics and politics often feature characters that everybody knows, and who live in world that doesn't really make sense. Provided we keep it low fat, there's no reason why a few cheeky spoonfuls shouldn't retain their bite. 

Mostly, then, this blog has economics and politics on the menu. But sometimes there’s the odd bite of something else: photography, sport, travel. And when, as often, economics is indeed be plat du jour, it’s not always be solely about the BRICs. A healthy diet is a varied one.

Anyway. No second helping today - by the look of your watch, you're already late. Time to put the box back on the shelf and go to work



About me: Matthieu Favas, your humble chef, is the editor of Agri Investor, a publication that looks at the flow of capital into agriculture and agribusiness around the world. He is also a freelance contributor to The Economist and Quartz. A former student of economics, business and international relations, he's very curious to see how the rise of emerging powers will pan out. He's also keen on photography and wine, though he's yet to find one that matches breakfast cereals.


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